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Quality and Taste
Berries all year round
From the field to your home
Natural Antioxidants
We work with advanced programs of genetic improvement,
Exclusive Varieties
which allow us to have exclusive varieties.
Commitment to provide quality products from a sustainable environment.
Close to farms to give a exceptional quality to every member of your family.


Social commitment


Onubafruit is a SEDEX member. A non-profit organization whose objective is to enable improvements in the responsible business practices and ethical supply chains around the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Onubafruit we are aware of the enormous social responsibility that we have within our company, the sector and the general public.

We work with initiatives and programs that demonstrate our commitment to the welfare and future of our environment... Read more

Good Agricultural Practices in Doñana

We are involved in " Project of Formation and Training in Good Agricultural Practices in Doñana " of WWF. This project establishes a series of activities of training and spreading directed the growers and farms managers of the territory directed to the conservation of the natural resources in Doñana.

GRASP GLOBAL Recognition of G. A. P.

We have the GRASP recognition on the evaluation of risks GLOBALG.A.P. social practices. Good agricultural practices are not only applied to products, but as well for the persons.

Who We Are

We are a second tier cooperative that brings together Costa de Huelva, Cobella, Cartayfres, SAT Condado and Freslucena. All of them, cooperatives located in Huelva.

Our strength lies in sharing a strong ideology based on cooperative principles and values. The confluence of these values is keeping us at the forefront in the sector of Berries.

Onubafruit is part of a solid future’s project with an experienced team with different skills and abilities as the major source of knowledge and leadership.

We have a strong network of growers that combine tradition and innovation as principles of progress and successful work as agri-food entrepreneurs. 

This know-how has consolidated us as the leading company in Europe in export of Berries and making us a trusted organization for producers, markets and consumers.