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Responsible management

In Onubafruit we are aware of the enormous social responsibility we have within our organization, with the sector and with the population in general. We are committed to creating and maintaining relationships based on responsibility and trust with our partners, employees and business collaborators.

Our effort is to ensure that human and labour rights are respected throughout our supply chain. We are guided by the 10 Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, the International Labour Organization Declaration and the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

Social Commitment

It is our duty to contribute to the progress and well-being of our partners, our employees and their families as well as the community to which we belong and the environment in which we develop.

We carry out SMETA audits that help us in our system of continuous improvement. The Sedex system helps to reduce risk and improve business relationships.

We have the GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment for Social Practices. Because Good Agricultural Practices do not only apply to products, they also apply to people.


Onubafruit understands that the Health and Safety of its workers is one of its main corporate values. Therefore, it is committed to continuously monitor and improve the health, safety and welfare conditions in the workplace of all the employees of the cooperative group.

We work on a non-risk policy, providing clear instructions and information and appropriate training to ensure that employees are suited to their job by maintaining adequate health and safety conditions for moving around the plant and using the equipment and machinery.


Less waste

Reduce, reuse and recycle are the three key words that guide us in waste management.

To do this, we use zero waste products, organic farming, reduce the use of fertilizers, bet on biological control and manage packaging and agricultural plastics giving them a correct environmental use.


Our cooperatives are “Sigfito Collection Point”.

Farmers can bring their empty agricultural product packaging there and fulfil their environmental management obligations.

Less emissions

Our actions are aimed at a much greener and more environmentally friendly economy. One of the most significant of these is the installation of photovoltaic plants on farms.

Photovoltaic modules allow us to minimise the use of diesel units and reduce energy consumption from the network by opting for self-consumption. This also means a reduction in emissions into the atmosphere of hundreds of tonnes of CO2 per year.

The use of photovoltaic plants allows us to supply, to date, more than 30% of the usual supply in our facilities and a significant percentage of consumption that will be the result of clean and renewable energy.

More nature 

For us it is essential to protect and develop biodiversity through responsible and sustainable management of resources.

The conservation of the Mediterranean forest is one of our main interests, because we are aware of the fundamental role it plays in maintaining fertility and protecting the soil, moderating the climate and cleaning the air and water.

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