Onubafruit is recognized as the first AOPFH (Association of Organizations of Fruits Producers and Vegetables) from the region of Huelva.
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Antonio Tirado, president of Onubafruit SCA, responsible for collecting association recognition.

The ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and sustainable development has recognized Onubafruit, through the general management  of Industries, Innovation and agri-food chain, like the first AOPFH (Association of Organizations of Fruits Producers and Vegetables) from the province of Huelva.

Onubafruit SCA is the third cooperative that recives this emblem at the autonomic level and Huelva first. 

The president of Onubafruit SCA, Antonio Tirado, has been responsible for collecting resolution from the hands of Álvaro Burgos, Territorial Delegate of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries  in Huelva.

 This recognition contributes to improve investment capacity of his associated cooperatives and farmers, awhile offering the possibility of financing new research projects and experimental production.

 A new step that reaffirms the position of Onubafruit SCA, optimizing profitability of his farmers and improving his competitiveness in an increasingly globalized international market.








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